En este momento estás viendo Carnival

The word “Carnival” may derive from the Latin carne levare, which means to remove meat. This is because Carnival is celebrated right before Lent, when Christians are not supposed to eat meat.

Local traditions during this season include wearing costumes, masks and participating in colorful parades.

Venice Carnival is one of the most famous carnivals in the world. It is a century-old tradition and Venetians take it very seriously. They walk along the streets of Venice in their beautiful disguises during the whole season. Early Venetian masks were quite simple; they were meant to cover women’s faces only. Nowadays, masks are a much more elaborate affair. They are made with the application of gesso, a white paint mixture, and gold leaf and are all hand-painted using natural feathers and gems to decorate. Besides, Venetians parade with their gondolas along the river, displaying their theatrical skills.

In the US the main Carnival celebration is in New Orleans, Luisiana. It is called Mardi Gras, which are the French words for Fat Tuesday, when people had to use all the fats in the home before fasting for Lent. The season starts in Epiphany (January 6th) and builds up to Mardi Gras parade. People from all over the US participate in these celebrations and it is considered an important event for those who like to party and have fun.

There are other Carnivals around the world, but perhaps one of the biggest is that of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. People wear elaborate costumes and walk and dance along the sambódromos (a sort of samba catwalk) for days. There are float parades and contests where the Carnival Queen is chosen.




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