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Suffixes – Cont.

In our last post, https://idiomanet.com.ar/2022/05/31/suffixes, we discussed suffixes as a resource for increasing vocabulary.

Today, we will be dealing with prefixes. Prefixes are letters or groups of letters which, added at the beginning of a word, form a different word.

Following, there is a list of some of the most commonly used prefixes and their meanings.

Anti- (against)

Antibiotic; antithesis

Mis- (wrongly)

Misunderstanding; misspell; misuse

Sub- (under)

Subtitle; subterranean; subeditor

Un- (not)

Unfriendly; unhealthy; uncomfortable

Semi- (half)

Semi-final; semicircle

Auto- (self)

Autobiography; automobile

Re- (again)

Rediscover; retype; replace

Mono- (singular)

Monopoly; monolingual

Non- (not, without)

Nonsense; nonfiction

Pre- (before)

Prefix; preview

Hyper- (over)

Hyperactive; Hypersensitive

Mid- (middle)

Midsummer; midway;

In- (not)

Incorrect; inactive; inaccurate

Co- (with)

Cooperate; coworker

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